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Agozempic Challenge (July Challenge)

Agozempic Challenge (July Challenge)

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Welcome to the ultimate Agozempic 3O DAY CHALLENGE.

This challenge is so affordable, you'd be crazy not to join—especially when we blow money on dumb stuff all the time. It's cheaper than any weight loss drug out there, and if you follow my lead, the fat will melt off faster than you can say "impulse buy!"

You too can have the body that you’ve ever dreamed of. Let me help you and show you ANYTHING is possible! just like I train these celebrities!

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your fitness, boost your energy, and radiate unstoppable summer vibes!


What do you get with the challenge:

-Meal Plan

-Grocery List (updated)

-Access to training plans and track workouts

-Scheduled workouts that help you stay committed by beating your personal bests

-Track progress towards your goals

-Manage your nutrition intake

-Set health and fitness goals

-Message Agostina in real time

-Access to LIVE workouts

-Ask Agostina DIRECTLY about favorite restaurants, healthy tips, and answer to any questions you may have!

-Track body measurements and take progress photos

-Get push notifications reminders for scheduled workouts and activities

-Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch (synced to Health app), Fitbit and Withingsto sync body stats instantly