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After a summer of beach, BBQ's, rooftop parties and endless rose and tequila, you might find yourself feeling a little lethargic, bloated and out of balance, Well, don't worry! This 4 week DETOX PROGRAM will help you reconnect with your body, and get grounded and snatched after a wild summer. chance to feel empowered, strong and like the bad bitch you are!

This DETOX PROGRAM will not only give you access to the Agostina Fitness App, but it will also ensure that you remain fully focused, disciplined, dedicated, and on the right track as you move closer to your dream body. Losing weight, toning up, and transforming your body has never been so fun, exciting, or as invigorating as this!

This is the start of your very own weight loss transformation and I am so excited to be doing this together with you!


30min-1hour workouts, 5 days a week, 1 stretching day, 1 day off, meal plan, grocery list and a group where we will all be able to communicate!