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Train With Agostina 1:1

Train With Agostina 1:1

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Transform Your Body Into Something Extraordinary in 6 weeks. Trying to melt off those unwanted pounds of stubborn body fat and toning up your body can be challenging, BUT now thanks to Agostina’s exclusive app, you can get a customized training program that’s based on your body and your weight loss goals. This complete all-in-one app is exactly what you need to lose weight, to feel great, and to look your very best. Enjoy direct access with Agostina, a useful meal guide, daily workouts (including yoga routines), and much more. 


-6 WEEK PROGRAM: Train with Agostina Daily

-Direct Acess

-Video guided work outs and yoga flows

-Celebrity training Secrets to nutiriton

By investing in Agostina’s app, you’ll not only get access to the customized 1:1 online coaching you need to succeed (and right at your fingertips), but it’ll also ensure that you remain fully focused, disciplined, dedicated, and to help you stay on the right track as you move closer to your dream body. Losing weight, toning up, and transforming your body has never been so fun, exciting, or as invigorating as this! The start of your very own weight loss transformation is now only one click away…